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Hades Stands Alone

Hades Stands Alone

Religion in its earliest forms seems created to gain power over the unknown. Complex systems such as weather patterns, crop harvests, and neighboring societies were all less fearsome given their subordinate position to the gods who created them. This was the ambition of the early religious, to find power and control over the physical world. It was not a spiritual, inner quest, but an outer confrontational one. The soliloquy undiscovered, only the dialogue of a man and a chorus. Man against Man and Man against Nature. Dominion over the unknown, by befriending the personification of unrevealed life altering variables. It gave courage by limiting the inherent fear of limitless potential. Fear like a child in the impetus of dark, its imagination full of inertia, unable to curtail possibilities. The courage it engendered was successful for some societies, a failure for others. Ultimately, we face the ancient religions with a wry smile and the confident words of the parent, convincing their child that there is no need for heroes in a world with no monsters.

Lately, spirituality is an end to itself. The firing gun and the finish line. This is a natural evolution. As science encroaches on the unknown, the gods lose dominion. So many outer otherness garrisons and forts falling to data, so that only the most complex strongholds are left for the gods to take refuge. What is more complex than ourselves? Here a god could still make a stand. Issuing edicts of fired synapses to cover their retreat. An inner dialogue alone, for we are the last bit of complex tools available for the gods to do work. But for how long? Doctors surround this stronghold as well, and are finding cracks in the wall. Would you have a friend struggling with depression visit a priest or physician? Both? Will the gods then lose even the brain, to reside only in an unquantifiable soul?

If gods were to be evicted from even this location, there will always be a home for them in death. The greatest of the unknowns, where, like a black hole, no bit of data can emerge. This god is the landlord of the dead, alone, and perhaps happy to receive the company.


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  1. My partner in blogging, John with an H, inspired me to post this essay I wrote a few years ago. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Check back tomorrow for my effusive praise of Jon’s post and a short response!

    -John with an H.

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