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Focus on the Family Quote Day!

Focus on the Family Quote Day!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite segment, Focus on the Family Quote day!   Let’s get to it….

From Jim Daly (President of Focus on the Family) Blog about the motives of political assassination and how it relates to idolatry.

Yeah, that’s right.  We have finally found the common linking variable between all serial killers and political assassins. Surprisingly, it’s unrelated to middle names or Catcher in the Rye novels.  It’s not being Christian enough.  I say we start rounding those non-christian (or as I like to call them “pre-shooters” or “demon-incubators”) up.

We are just getting started and I’m already demoralized.

This next one is in two parts.  One quote from an email (I subscribe to Focus on the Family emails. Don’t judge me.) and one from a corresponding blog post.

PREFACE:  You have to understand that “Citizenlink” is the political arm of Focus on the Family.  They have a clear agenda, but unfortunately for them they also have a non-profit status.  That means they can’t actually say, “Let’s all go vote for the Great White Mormon Hope”.  They have to be much more nuanced.  It’s an amazing high-wire act to watch.  I have selected two quotes for you to look over as well as the IRS law. I’ll let you, the viewer at home, decide if they are walking the line.  The following is from an email entitled:  Criticism of the Chief.  And it’s about Justice CHIEF Roberts.  High wire stuff, it’s really fun to watch.  It’s by Tim Minnery, Senior VP of Government & Public Policy (Fancy!).  He quietly mentions what “several Republicans” are waiting for and then calls us to action:

The next one is from Bruce Hausknecht on the same subject:

Boom!  Non-Partisan Roast! Maybe that’s why he’s not a Senior VP of anything yet….Anyway, here’s the boring portion:


-Jon with no h



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